My Internship Experience as a Software Requirement Analyst at Telkomsel

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Seeing the title, maybe some of you wonder things like “How was it like to be an intern at Telkomsel?” or… “Software Requirement Analyst? Never heard of that. What’s that?” So let me share these two things with you.*

*quick notes: all of these are purely based on my opinion and experience as it may differ from others.

Intern at Telkomsel

Working (as an intern) in Telkomsel has changed my first impression of the company. I used to think that working in a company like Telkomsel would give such a strong seniority work culture(?) It turns out I was wrong.

“I was wrong?” (Source: GIPHY)

The vibes and the work environment were comfy, friendly, yet still professional. No matter your background and roles, they respect you just like the full-timers. Telkomsel’s core values, ACTION (Agility, Customer-centric, Innovation, Open mindset, and Networking), also drove me to do my best in the internship project.

As for the program, it was well prepared. It contains internship onboarding (get to know the company and their culture), online learning (where we get access to Udemy, to deepen our knowledge about the position, roles, and any learning content that pick our interests), and of course the on-the-job training. We also had ‘Intern Me Show’ twice a month to discuss certain topics, collaborate, and have fun with other interns from other playgrounds as well (yeah, the only way to know each other since the internship was fully done by WFH 💻).

For the on-the-job training, we have given a real-case project in the company with mentor assistance. As for me, I joined as a Software Requirement Analyst Intern with other UI/UX Designers and Software Developers Intern in an agile team to develop a software for Human Capital Business Partners in Telkomsel.

“Wait, there’s such thing as a Software Requirement Analyst?” Well, there is.

What does Software Requirement Analyst do?

Imagine there is person X who has difficulty in managing his finances. X comes to Z and asks whether Z could create an application to help with the problem. Unfortunately, X doesn’t know what kind of application he really wants, which makes Z has difficulty developing the application. In a time like this, Software Requirement Analyst comes to the rescue.

A Software Requirement Analyst (I shorten it to SRA) would go through the process of understanding the user pain points and the expectation by asking things like:

  • What are the problems you face when performing this task?
  • What is the goal of doing this task?
  • What piece of information would help you to reach your goal?
  • etc.

By defining and analyzing it, we will know then the requirements for the application. But, it is rare to get the requirements 100% correct on the first try. So it is needed to adapt the requirements along the process (in my experience, my team used the agile methodologies approach).

“Why is there should be a requirement analysis tho?”

Because it helps prevent technical teams from building products that nobody wants.

“You want that?” “Um….” (Source: GIPHY)

“What are the other responsibilities aside from those you mentioned?”

Overall in my internship experience, here are the main things that I do as a SRA intern at Telkomsel:

  • conduct discussion and interview to dig the user’s problem, and then analyze the requirements
  • create and maintain UML diagrams
  • prepare some functional documentations
  • translate and communicate the requirements to my team (UI/UX Designer and Software Developer)
  • project monitoring to ensure the development follows the requirement sets, and reconcile any conflicting interest

Aside from that, a SRA should have software development knowledge, have a great visual sense, and problem-solving skills. Why? Well, obstacles are not unavoidable, and SRA must come up with alternative solutions whenever there’s a problem in the team.

“Hey, hey, help me solve this!” (Source: GIPHY)

How was it?

My 5-months journey as a Software Requirement Analyst intern at Telkomsel wasn’t easy, but all the experiences are precious. The internship experience has helped me strengthen my skills sets. Even though my main project was to develop a software for internal use, I also got chances to explore other things in Telkomsel as well.

Telkomsel’s Internship Graduation

Software Requirement Analyst was my first intern position and I’m still lacking in many ways. But hey, that’s what strives me to be a better person each day 😉(as there is always room for improvements). So, a huge thanks and appreciations to all the seniors, mentors (especially Pak Agus and Kak Jundi), and my intern friends for the valuable learning and experience 🥰




Data enthusiast; (still a student); on fire learner ️‍🔥

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Putri Arta Aritonang

Putri Arta Aritonang

Data enthusiast; (still a student); on fire learner ️‍🔥

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